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Reasons to Invest in Maui

A sales cycle that historically peaks every 10-15 years. If this remains true, and there's no reason to believe it won't, some great deals on Maui real estate can be found now for the next 5 year. The saying "buy low, sell high" rings true for astute investors.

The reasons to invest in Maui include:

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    Home Appreciation Rates CA vs. HI*
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    Economic growth and job creation, now as always, remain critical factors in home price appreciation. As of May 2006, job growth in Hawaii outpaced much of the country and Hawaii's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was the lowest in the nation. See for the latest figures.

  • Though interest rates have moved up, the increases have been moderate and remain attractive by any historical measure.

  • The cash flow from real estate in Maui generates an impressive annual return. The 75% average occupancy rate for our Maui real estate properties ensures that highest potential return is realized for your property.

  • Japanese investors led the last boom in Maui real estate and as the Japanese economy continues to recover and grow these investors should once again re-energize the market.

  • The value of the dollar remains at very low levels versus other major currencies. This makes US properties more inexpensive to foreign investors as a 10% decline in the value of the dollar is effectively a 10% discount in foreign currency valuation.

In addition, 'Vacation Rentals on Maui' provides booking for property owners on Maui. Our professional management, marketing capabilities, and proprietary reservation system lend objectivity and accountability so that you will get the most from your investment. In addition, our on 24/7 on-island staff, cleaning and maintenance crews are dedicated to providing the very best for owners and their guests.

If you would like more information about investing in Maui real estate, please fill out the form and a licensed real estate agent will get back to you.

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