Secure Express Check In

All of our Maui vacation rentals utilize either a lock box or a keyless entry system. Seven days prior to your arrival you will receive a detailed e-mail giving you driving directions, parking instructions and check in instructions with your entry code. Check in is anytime after 3:00pm. If you arrive early you may want to grab some lunch or pick up supplies at Cost next to the airport. You will see Cost Co as you are leaving the airport, turning left onto Dairy Rd.

If your Maui vacation rental has a lock box:

Seven days before you arrive, you will be sent a unique 6 digit combination that will unlock the lock-box. Simply enter the code when you arrive, unlock the box and remove the keys. For security purposes take the keys out of the lock box and keep them with you at all times for the rest of your Maui vacation. And when you check-out, just place the keys back in the lock-box and lock it shut.

If your Maui vacation rental has keyless entry:

'Vacation Rentals on Maui' uses a state-of-the-art keyless entry systems which provides leading edge security and convenience.

Seven days before you arrive, you will be sent a unique 6 digit combination. This code will begin working at 3:00 pm on the day of your arrival and stop at the allotted check-out time on the date of your departure.

When you arrive on the island, you may drive directly to your Maui vacation condo rental. There's no need to make a prior stop to collect keys. Simply enter the combination on the keypad to unlock the door and start your Maui vacation. If you have any trouble, simply contact a member of our 24/7 on-island staff and they will be glad to help you.

IIn addition, you can change the code to your own personal code at anytime by following these simple steps:

    1. Enter your code and press the # symbol.
    2. Enter your own personalized 6 digit code.

Maids and maintenance personnel use their own individual codes. This way we can track who has entered the premises at all times.

Vacation rentals on Maui owns, manages and books all the houses and cottages on this site. You get a better travel experience because we control every aspect of the service: location, design, décor, maintenance, landscape, cleaning, booking. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with every stay.