Saviour sandals spark controversy in denmark

Saviour sandals spark controversy in denmark


It could have been written off as another day of campaigning for the Danish룰렛 People’s Party (PDP) at the슬롯 머신 Copenhagen city hall with less than three hours to go until the ballot.

The P골목DP’s campaign has been rocked by allegations of racism and racism of the kind often seen on social media.

But it remains unclear just what role the campaign could have on voters.

The controversy has drawn considerable criticism, with some saying the campaign could even cost them their vote and others claiming it will do little to help Ms Leppanen’s ruling Liberal Alliance party.

So what’s stopping the PDP from picking up the votes in the final hours?

Do the party actually want to do well at the polls, that is a matter for them. Peter Lofoten, Nationalist Democratic Party

The PDP’s spokesman, Peter Lofoten, says the party hopes it is able to win.

“They want to be in the next government for that reason,” he said.

“They believe that this campaign could help them get their hands on one of the seats in the Parliament, but we don’t believe that, because it’s not their job.”

‘Fantastic team’

Mr Lofoten says his party hopes that by getting the support of the mainstream, it will help it hold on to the most important seat in Denmark, one that it once held with less than 20 per cent of the vote in 2010.

But the Danish People’s Party has dismissed suggestions it could lose out to the Løkke Rasmussen or the Socialists.

That said, party representatives have been told they will need to appeal to as many voters as possible to win.

As one of the few mainstream parties to run on an anti-immigration platform, the PDP is a popular choice among young voters.

And Ms Leppanen hopes this anti-establishment message will resonate on the night in central Copenhagen.

“We’re looking forward to making sure that people know that we’re still here in a way that we never were when we first came here,” Ms Leppanen said, before taking some time to shake hands with supporters.


But at the same time, some supporters of the PDP appear to have questioned the party’s motivation.

At one corner of the city hall in one of the more rowdy areas – wit

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