Last month Vacation Rentals on Maui saved 100,000 gallons of water!

Every once in a while an amazing product comes along that exceeds your expectations, and you have tell everyone about it.

It’s called Rachio –  a WiFi enabled smart irrigation timer that connects to the Internet and automatically adjusts water schedules according to rain and weather.  It’s easy to install at any home or vacation rental property and Rachio’s customer support is fantastic. rachio

What’s amazing about this device is the user interface makes it easy to set different zones based on how much shade it gets and what’s planted there.   You plug in the data the system tells you how long to water each zone.  Programing our old timers was complicated and difficult –  configuring each zone differently was nearly impossible.

 As off island Maui Vacation Rental Owners we previously had to rely on our gardeners to  manage these systems, which never seemed to get done.   Even if we lived on island it would be hard to remember to turn the systems off before, during or after a rain, and adjust the schedule for winter and summer.   So far this year we have enjoyed 11 rain delays at each location.  The Rachio has an Iphone app allows me to remotely control each timer, and get up-to-the-minute reports and text alerts.
rachio iphone

We all know how expensive and precious our limited supply of fresh water is.  The Rachio paid for itself in the first month and helps save the planet!

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