Emergency plane landing pilot credits study for saving him

Emergency plane landing pilot credits study for saving him

WALLACE (WTAE) — A study by an air traffic controller working for the Wallace County Sheriff’s Office says the “study” of his crash is what saved his life.

“WeXO 카지노‘re extremely grateful to our deputy pilots and to all of our air traffic controllers from all over the state for saving his life and that of his child,” said Deputy Chief Kevin Treadway with the sheriff’s office.

Officer Bryan Hamer said when he and his wife got their first plane, Hamer said, “This was the first plane we saw that looked like a plane.”

Hamer remembers standing beside the back of their plane looking out of the side windows looking for something. He says he saw a helicopter but didn’t notice his wife’s plane was on fire.

He told investigators “we were just worried, he’s going through turbulence and he could fall off.” He said he could not believe the crew didn’t notice he was 마사지there.

His wife later died of injuries in a crash.

Treadway says when the investigation was over they felt “absolutely” the pilot that saved their life had done something wrong.

Treadway said the study was a great reminder to stay on top of aircraft hazards온라인 바카라.

Treadway is confident his deputy is the person the aviation public deserves.

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