Decision pending on return of lake anchor blocks in Bayside Beach, San Diego

Decision pending on return of lake anchor blocks in Bayside Beach, San Diego.

San Diego’s shoreline may soon look completely different.

The City Council is expected to vote Monday on proposals to tear down the existing San Diego Pier and replace it with a public park with beachfront amphitheaters, a parking ramp and a public square.

It’ll cost about $1.5 billion.

Bree and her parents say their property is in a high-density and residential community of about 12,000 residents, about 15 miles west of downtown and a few miles from the city’s oceanfront.

And her father says the plan shows how important the city’s waterfront is.

“It brings us one step closer to protecting and managing this piece of city-owned property,” he said. “It would really help to help people come back and live in this area and enjoy this beach.”

The commission is reviewing other possible projects to relocateSM 카지노 existing proper천안출장샵 천안출장마사지ty into new parks and facilities.

The commission also will consider a proposal for a public plaza, pe카지노 게임rhaps along the shoreline along Pier 15.

Council members said they will ask the city to consider moving some land out of the shoreline. City Hall estimates a 1.3-acre zone around the pier would need to be approved for the site to be developed.

The council could also request a public hearing before finalizing its recommendations.

The commission is expected to wrap up its meeting on Sept. 20.

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