Aussies continue strong start after golden night in the pool of money

Aussies continue strong start after golden night in the pool of money


There has been a marked increase in the amount of money being pumped into the Australian economy following the first quarter of 2017, with net domestic capital inflows rising to $28 billion ($25.2 billion in 2017 dollars) and investment inflows up from $19 billion to $21.4 billion.

The figures come from Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s latest Quarterly Review of Financial Condition and Financial Services.

The investment inflow was $19 billion in the first quarter, while net domestic capital inflows had already risen to $21.4 billion in the previous month.

The first quarter was Australia’s fastest-ever start to the year, after slowing after the July 2 election and the collapse of the Australian dollar after the Reserve Bank’s negative interest rate cut.

Overall investment inflows had risen by $2.1 billion or a 3.5 per cent boost, while net capit원나잇al inflows had risen by $4.8 billion to $11.1 billion.

The Australian dollar appreciated from a near two-year안마 low against the U.S. dollar on Sunday after the Bank of Canada and Reserve Bank of Canada’s interest rate cuts.

In addition to the capital중국 마사지 inflows, the Reserve Bank, the Bank of England and the World Bank also cut their interest rate forecasts for next month and next year respectively.

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