Ab fab gets la makeover

Ab fab gets la make인터넷 바카라over.

Bridget: The new look!

Kerry: Where are you going, baby?

Bridget: I’m gonna go b여수출장마사지ack home.

Kerry: Where else?

Bridget: I don’t know. She says I was coming over to get out of a fight. It’s always when we’re out, there’s always that guy in the other car! [Kerry runs out with her hair pulled back, still in full makeup]

Bridget: I was scared!

Kerry: No fear.

Bridget: I was scared!

Kerry: No. No, it’s good! I love you, baby! [Bridget smiles back, as they exit the driveway.]

[Sternberg’s limo is parked outside a motel in Manhattan; we hear sirens and the sound of breaking glass.]

Sternberg: This place looks like it took four years to build.

Kerry: Yeah. It is.

Sternberg: That can’t be the case.

Kerry: No, it’s been on the market since 1988, and I had to go find an apartment when I bought it.

Sternberg: I’ve got to be honest, honey, the way the new girl dress looks, we should probably look at our lease.

Kerry: I know. [Sternberg smiles at her as they exit the car.] It’s got to be worth $500,000. [She pulls her jacket up over her head. Sternberg, now fully clothed and wearing a white shirt, puffs on his cigarette. She puts the jacket back on and turns to kiss him.]

Sternberg: I think we should find an apartment together.

Kerry: [laughs] Okay.

Sternberg: She’s a good fit. She doesn’t want to go to the gym and she didn’t have to go to those classes. She likes that dress and it’s a great fit.

Kerry: She doesn’t?

Ster로얄카지노nberg: Well she might need some help with her abs.

Kerry: What’s wrong with that?

Sternberg: Well, the first time I saw her, I was like, She looks perfect. The next time, it didn’t work out. That must have been over in the parking lot. [

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