Maui Restaurants

There is a Maui restaurant to suit every taste and budget, from bar to bistro to five star, and from fast food to extraordinarily slow-cooked (food preparation for a luau can take eight hours). With the wide variety available, there's sure to be a restaurant in Maui to please even the most discriminating diner.

Below is a personal and admittedly idiosyncratic list of some of our favorite Maui restaurants by location:

  • Pacific'O. A great Maui restaurant. Inventive Pacific cuisine, attentive service, with tables overlooking the beach. $20.00 - $30.00
  • The Bakery. Exactly as it sounds. Might just make the tastiest artisan breads, sticky buns and giant muffins of any restaurant in Maui. $1.50 - $6.00
  • Lahaina Fish Co. Offering fresh fish and a raw bar in unpretentious surroundings. We recommend the crab Louie salad. $10 - $24.
  • Roy's Kihei Bar & Grill. Authentic Hawaiian seafood and fine wine. A highly regarded Maui restaurant and favorite of ours. $21.00 -$29.00.
  • Maui Pizza Café. Maui Pizza Café. Offers delicious thin-crust pizza, the adventurous can order it topped with kalua (slow roasted pig). $8.00 - $16.00
  • Bubba's Burgers. The (in)famous burger joint that openly declares, "We cheat tourists, drunks and attorneys." They don't really, at least for two out of three. (We don't know about attorneys.) Serving juicy burgers with an attitude. $2.75-$7.50.
  • Nick's Fishmarket. Great fresh fish with sunset views. Hard to beat. Another one of our favorites. $26.00-$45.00.
  • Kincha. Japanese restaurant built with stones from Mt Fuji. $26.00-$53.00.
  • Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Surf and turf Maui restaurant encircled by a 70,000 saltwater lagoon. $22.00-$32.00.
  • Café 808. Where the locals eat. For those with hearty appetites, we recommend the loco moco. $3.00-$10.00
  • Mama's Fish House. This award winning seafood house was voted the most popular restaurant in Maui. They get our vote too. $28.00-$35.00

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